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  • Chris Edwards

Despite How Bad it is...Be Thankful

Thankful, lucky, blessed these are all thoughts that have been on my mind lately. Sometimes life can throw your curve balls, let's be honest, sometimes life sucks, especially if you work in an industry that is so fickle and frustrating as sports media. But if you take a second to step back and really be thankful for your situation, you might be better off... here are a few of my thoughts about how being thankful can relate to your personal journey. Hope this helps someone....

I know I've said this in other blog posts before but I can't help but keep coming back to this underlying thought... how lucky am I that I get to "The Voice" of two high profile programs at a major power five school AND live out some of my television aspirations at the same time?!

With that said, I know it can be frustrating when people who are younger than you, or, for whatever reason you have come up with in your mind, get those opportunities ahead of you and leave you stuck in the same rut you've been in for years.

Yeah, that is tough and it has happened to all of us and it really sucks; but when that happens you have a choice: you can harbor those feelings of frustration and bitterness and send yourself into a downward spiral OR you can harness those feelings to work harder and prove how talented you are and challenge yourself to be better, both personally and professionally. But in order to do that, you have to have a feeling of gratefulness - that feeling is what can kickstart your motivation.

It isn't always easy in the moment to be thankful for the job(s) you have but when you take a second, step back and take a 35,000 foot overview of where you are career wise, you realize how many people would give their right arm to be doing the job(s) you are doing.

Sometimes being humble/thankful will get you a lot further in your journey than harboring those feelings bitterness. Sure, it is more than OK to be upset and disappointed for days or a couple weeks when you miss out on that opportunity you thought was 'the break' that you needed.

Just remember, it is better to appreciate how lucky you are, then to be envious of others. We all have our own journeys and no two journeys are the same - so be passionate about what you do and carve our your story and work your fanny off reach your end goal because at the end of the day, your biggest competition is YOU! Each and every day you are competing against your own standard of excellence.

While we should strive each and every day to achieve our ultimate goal(s), don't get so lost in the moment or lost in the process of achieving your goal that you miss the journey. Basically, what I am saying is don't focus so much on your destination that you miss the journey because the journey to get to the top is the best part.

When you successfully achieve your goal, you will look back with a grateful heart and appreciate all the mountains and valleys you had to trek through to reach the summit.

Thanks for reading!


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